Stuart Keeler – Virtual Exchange

Stuart Keeler

Virtual Exchange

Photovoltaic glass, LED, steel, poly-wax, terrazzo
Commission, Wisconsin Arts Board Percent for Art Program

Virtual Exchange features a continuous feed of financial information from up to 300 global markets. While the text mirrors a stock market ticker in content and typography, its X and O shapes transform the data into a sensory experience. The O form is an unbroken loop rotating in a circle, while text in the X form radiates from a central point and disappears at its edges. The flurry of activity is too quick to practically decipher and is further abstracted in its non-linear formation. Powered by solar panels, the result is an installation that merges art with global commerce and innovations in green energy.

Stuart Keeler is a sculptor, writer, and independent curator. He previously shared these talents while a visiting lecturer for the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s art department in 2005-2006. His conceptual studio artworks often cross the threshold into the public realm. He has led complex urban art projects with the cities of Santa Fe, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, and San Diego. In addition to his individual artwork, Keeler is part of an artistic team with Michael Machnic. Together they focus on large-scale, public projects in the built environment. Information about a Keeler and Machnic installation at the University of Wisconsin–Madison can be found here.


Virtual Exchange is located in the main foyer of Grainger Hall (975 University Avenue), near the building’s entrance at University Avenue and North Park Street.


Virtual Exchange