Kevin Dobbe – Water Fall and Fibonacci Chimes

Kevin Dobbe

Fibonacci Chimes

Interactive mixed media installation
Commission, Wisconsin Arts Board Percent for Art Program

Fibonacci Chimes by Kevin Dobbe is a series of five audiovisual installations, three interior and two exterior, at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery building. Each installation features granite footstones that when stepped upon trigger a series of sound, light or water reactions. Dobbe etches each footstone with the Fibonacci Spiral, the visual manifestation of the Fibonacci sequence – a mathematical series of numbers that corresponds to the natural world. The Fibonacci sequence has been widely adapted in mathematics, science, art, architecture and music.

Dobbe illustrates the intersection between art and science in Fibonacci Chimes. Once activated, the footstones translate the Fibonacci sequence into patterns of light and sound. Dobbe discretely embeds the footstones in the floor. As a result, Fibonacci Chimes interacts with both willing and unexpected participants.

Dobbe is an installation artist and composer focusing on interactive media that changes and responds to the viewer. Each of his artworks attempt to elicit discovery with the hopes of cognitive, emotional, and physical engagement. He is a co-founder and faculty member of the Digital Arts program at Rochester Community College in Rochester, Minnesota. Dobbe has numerous public installations throughout the United States.


Fibonacci Chimes is installed in several different locations throughout the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. Three water, light, and sound sculptures in the North Garden area (interior), one light and sound installation on the walkway along North Orchard Street (exterior), and one water and sound sculpture on the walkway along West Johnson Street (exterior). Look for the etched fibonacci footstones to activate the artwork.


Video:  Kevin Dobbe, “Fibonacci Chimes.”

Kevin Dobbe - Water Fall and Fibonacci Chimes