Peter Flanary – Wave

Peter Flanary


Bronze and granite
Commission, Wisconsin Arts Board Percent for Art Program

Commissioned for a site by Chamberlin Hall, Peter Flanary’s Wave is an undulating ring of bronze that encloses hundreds of granite rocks on a circular bed of smaller stones. Along the exterior and interior edges of Wave Flanary evenly spaces bands that expose the rocks inside. Consequently, the sculpture appears to be organically striped. The regular waves give the illusion that the artwork is in motion. Flanary aims to have his sculptures appear as if they grew out of the surrounding landscape. Moreover, employing materials harvested from the earth he tethers Wave to the natural world.

Flanary is a Wisconsin-based artist who frequently uses metal and stone for installations. He has taught studio art throughout Wisconsin and is a lecturer in University of Wisconsin-Madison’s art department. His artwork is exhibited across the United States.


Wave is located outside on the east side of Chamberlin Hall, adjacent to the Botanical Garden.


UW-Madison Department of Physics webpage on “Wave.”

Peter Flanary - Wave