Map of Public Art

Current Pins

  1. Richard Artschwager, Generations
  2. Lynn Basa, Threshold
  3. Gutzon Borglum, William Dempster Hoard
  4. Dale Chihuly, The Mendota Wall
  5. George Cramer, Awakening
  6. Jim Dine, Ancient Fishing
  7. John Steuart Curry, Freeing of the Slaves
  8. John Steuart Curry, The Social Benefits of Biochemical Research
  9. Kevin Dobbe, Fibonacci Chimes
  10. Susan A. Falkman, Essence: The Seed, The Flower, The Fruit
  11. Peter Flanary, Wave
  12. Buckminster Fuller, Sixty-Strut Tensegrity Sphere
  13. David Griggs, Ghost Steps
  14. Stuart Keeler, Virtual Exchange
  15. Stuart Keeler & Michael Machnic, Driving Force
  16. Ray King, Vertus
  17. C. S. Pietro, John Muir
  18. Lew F. Porter, Camp Randall Memorial Arch
  19. William Conrad Severson, Maquina
  20. Gail Simpson & Aristotle Georgiades, Under the Surface
  21. Randy Walker, Proximal Ring
  22. James Watrous, Paul Bunyan Murals
  23. James Watrous, Ancient Commerce & Contemporary Commerce
  24. James Watrous, The Library
  25. Adolph Weinman, Abraham Lincoln
  26. William Zorach, Mother and Child