Image of Lynn Basa's "Threshold"

Lynn Basa

Art can be found all across campus - from formal gallery and museum settings, to outdoor spaces and inside university buildings. This website highlights a small selection of some of our more prominent sculptures, murals, monuments and mixed media objects located in easy to access public spaces.

Gutzon Borglum
William Dempster Hoard

Image of Dale Chihuly's artwork "The Mendota Wall"

Dale Chihuly
The Mendota Wall

Image of George Cramer's artwork "Awakening"

George Cramer

Image of John Steuart Curry's artwork "Freeing of the Slaves"

John Steuart Curry
Freeing of the Slaves

Image of John Steuart Curry's artwork "The Social Benefits of Biochemical Research"

John Steuart Curry
The Social Benefits of Biochemical Research

Image of Jime Dine's  "Ancient Fishing"

Jim Dine
Ancient Fishing

Image of Kevin Dobbe's artwork "Fibonacci Chimes"

Kevin Dobbe
Fibonacci Chimes

Image of Susan A. Falkman's "Essence:  The Seed, The Flower, The Fruit"

Susan A. Falkman
Essence: The Seed, The Flower, The Fruit 

Image of Buckminster Fuller's artwork "Sixty-Strut Tensegrity Sphere"

Buckminster Fuller
Sixty-Strut Tensegrity Sphere

Image of David Grigg's artwork "Ghost Steps"

David Griggs
Ghost Steps

Image of Stuart Keeler's "Virtual Exchange"

Stuart Keeler
Virtual Exchange

Image of Ray King's "Vertus"

Ray King

Image of C. S. Pietro's artwork "John Muir"

C. S. Pietro
John Muir

Image of "Camp Randalll Memorial Arch"

Lew F. Porter
Camp Randall Memorial Arch

Image of Randy Walker's artwork "Proximal Ring"

Randy Walker
Proximal Ring

Detail image of James Watrous' artwork "Ancient Commerce"

James Watrous
Ancient Commerce and Contemporary Commerce

Image of James Watrous's "Paul Bunyon"

James Watrous
Paul Bunyan

Image of James Watrous' artwork "The Library"

James Watrous
The Library

Image of Adolph Weinman's artwork "Abraham Lincoln"

Adolph Weinman
Abraham Lincoln

Image of William Zorach's artwork "Mother and Child"

William Zorach
Mother and Child